The Power of Wellness
Regina M. Benjamin, M.D., M.B.A., Surgeon General
Vitalize 360 was presented the 2015 Program Innovation of the Year Award by LeadingAge Massachusetts and the 2013 Gold Pinnacle AwardŽ for excellence in whole-person wellness programming by NuStep.

Vitalize 360 is a coaching and assessment process for older adults that uses art and science to promote optimal wellness for successful aging. The program combines an award-winning, innovative, person-directed approach to wellness coaching with the power of information derived from a scientifically-grounded assessment system.

Our mission is to engage, challenge and inspire older adults to live a full, healthy, vibrant life and enable communities to demonstrate appreciable improvement in successful aging.

Feedback from Residents

  • "The coaching experience in this kind of program is absolutely essential because without a coach I don't think I would be nearly as motivated."
  • "It made me become much more aware of who I am - it's been a strong incentive to change."
  • "It helped me put together a plan of what I want to do and clarified priorities."
  • "It helps me to focus on things I lost sight of ... it's helpful to get outside affirmation."

See how this ground-breaking program, featured in the New York Times, is helping to redefine aging and reinvigorate residents' lives.

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The Power of Wellness
Vitalize 360 Brochure
Program Overview

Cultivate vibrant, active individuals and communities for older adults

Vitalize 360 is a joint venture between two not-for-profits:
Kendal Outreach, LLC, a subsidiary of Kendal, a system of
communities and services for older adults; and Hebrew
, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Kendal Outreach LLC website
Hebrew Senior Life website
Harvard Medical School website