The Admiral on the Lake Hosts Major Training Event

The Admiral on the Lake hosts major Vitalize 360 training event

A three-day training event for coaches and interdisciplinary team members kicked-off on Monday, October 19th at The Admiral on the Lake in Chicago. 52 individuals representing 23 organizations participated. Some of the themes covered included:

  • The fine art of coaching

  • Mapping the Vitalize 360 process

  • Making the shift from what's the matter to what matters most

  • Leadership, commitment and the power of wellness

  • Inspiring and leading change

  • Why Vitalize 360? Why does it matter?

  • Data, outcomes and quality improvement

A few notable participant comments included:

  • "Thank you for a phenomenal, thought-provoking conference, full of passion and room for meaningful engagement and self-expression."

  • "Thank you for valuing time spent letting folks share their thoughts, feelings in a circle...."

  • "I appreciated positive and encouraging atmosphere of the training...."

  • "I thought the conference was awesome and can't wait for other staff in my community to participate."

  • "I enjoyed meeting so many people and really love the concept of Vitalize 360.... I'm looking forward to implementing it and feel well supported by you."

  • "I particularly enjoyed the role playing, and, the coaching training on the second day - it was so engaging and authentic."

  • "Coaching session was fabulous - very dynamic and engaging."

  • "Wonderful group of presenters and training materials were great."

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