Dr. Emmeline Gasink, Warwick Forest, Receives Practice Change Leaders Grant

Emmeline Gasink, M.D.

Dr. Emmeline Gasink, Medical Director of Warwick Forest, a Senior Living Community in Newport News, Virginia and Medical Director of Quality Assurance for the Lifelong Health Division of Riverside Health System has been accepted into the 2017 Cohort of Practice Change Leaders for Aging and Health. Funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Practice Change Leaders Program is designed to provide participants with one year of funding to complete innovative, high quality projects and expand their effectiveness as organizational leaders. Annually, ten individuals are accepted into the program and each is given a grant of $45,000.

Dr. Gasink’s designed her grant proposal, “Vitalize 360 at Warwick Forest: Integrating a Coaching and Assessment Process in a Continuing Care Clinic,” to integrate the Vitalize 360 coaching and assessment process to enhance well-being and improve the health of the older adult population at Warwick Forest, while focusing on their goals and what is most important to them.

In her proposal, Dr. Gasink wrote: “Vitalize 360 provides the foundation for the development of individualized vitality plans….the program is in the early stages of implementation at Warwick Forest and the vitality plans will integrate with the Medicare Annual Wellness Exam and offer real-time outcome data for older adults, coaches, members of the executive, and the IDT to further enhance services in the older adult community here. Reports of population-level issues can be tracked over time and shared with the members of the community. Outcome data from the follow-up coaching conversations will be reviewed and compared to communities across the country participating in the Vitalize 360 program. Outcomes data will also drive quality improvement projects here....This project will focus on strategic planning to expand the pilot project at Warwick Forest to other areas in the division and to wellness centers at Riverside Health System."

Congratulations to Dr. Gasink, Warwick Forest and Riverside Health System!

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