Warwick Forest and Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant Launch Vitalize 360

New communities are trained by Vitalize 360 staff

Earlier this month, Warwick Forest (Newport News, Virginia), a community of Riverside Health System, and Lutheran Village at MILLER'S GRANT (Ellicott City, Maryland) each hosted two-day training sessions in their respective communities to launch Vitalize 360. Staff participating included wellness, activities, physical therapy, clergy, housekeeping, social work, medicine, health care, resident services, administration, management and community residents. A participant commented, “…there was an excellent attitude, among the attendees, that led to the freedom of thinking ‘out of the box’ during the opening session. I believe that this catalyzed the excitement that carried through the day and the first two hours of the next morning."

The training focused on four key themes:

  • The process of effective change

  • The meaning of successful aging and well-being

  • The components of effective Vitalize 360 coaching

  • How to successfully implement Vitalize 360

Other participant comments included:

  • “In my leadership role, it was beneficial to better understand current and future applications of the Vitalize 360 program. In competitive and higher technology savvy senior markets, how we promote our wellness program as innovative and different is important.”

  • “Always good to be reminded of the importance of listening and discovering what matters most to individuals….”

  • “It was very informative. I learned effective ways of communicating and listening. It helped me to view aging in a new perspective.”

  • “…we very wisely included three residents who contributed to the discussions.”

  • “I thought the information was presented in a way that proved mastery of the subject and the effectiveness the program has enjoyed in the communities represented.”

  • “Diversity of speakers, story telling and class participation was the powerful foundation for building a program to create culture change.”

To read the press release about Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant joining Vitalize 360, click HERE.

To read the press release about Warwick Forest joining Vitalize 360, click HERE.

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