Aging in America Makes First Significant Grant to Not-For-Profit

Vitalize 360 has been awarded a $100,000 grant to improve its software to promote healthy aging from Aging in America®, a not-for-profit that supports companies that offer technology solutions to help older adults maintain independence in the community. Vitalize 360 is a joint venture between two national senior services leaders, Hebrew SeniorLife and Kendal.

“We are honored by the grant from Aging in America,” said Diana Cox, Executive Director of Vitalize 360. “It will jump-start development efforts for on-demand reporting about program outcomes, improve software navigation and usability, facilitate new ad hoc and report writing capacity, and offer residents/members access to their case files from their computer or smartphone.”

“Aging in America’s mission is to inspire innovation that empowers, guides, educates and supports those individuals and organizations faced with the challenges and opportunities of aging,” said William T. Smith, Ph.D., President/CEO. “This is our first significant grant to another not-for-profit and it's designed to help expand this important work to a new level.”

To read the full press release, click HERE.

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