Music Mattered Most

“Trips to the symphony have provided a motivating factor for her strength and skill-building work”

Nancy Duhaime, Vitalize 360 Coach at Kendal at Hanover, writes about a resident who experienced a significant stroke and is now living in an assisted living apartment. “While meeting with the Vitalize 360 coach, the resident described how she wanted to travel to California (from New Hampshire) one more time in her life. The stroke had a substantial impact on her physical abilities and a long trip would have been very challenging.

During a Vitalize 360 conversation, the idea of taking a ‘local’ trip was discussed and the resident’s love of music emerged. It became clear that to attend the Boston Symphony would be very meaningful. A conversation about the potential small steps to reach such a goal, literary and figuratively, ensued. The interdisciplinary team found ways to support the resident and she began to work with the Physical Therapist to build strength and skills necessary to travel by bus to the event in Boston, a two-hour journey.

After much hard work, a date was set, a companion identified and tickets to the symphony were purchased. The resident attended the symphony and was delighted with the eventual outcome, and she’s planning another similar trip. Although initially the resident spoke about travelling to California as particularly meaningful, through the Vitalize 360 conversation she became aware that her passion for music is what mattered most to her. For now, trips to the symphony in Boston have provided a significant motivating factor for her strength and skill-building work.”

Nancy Duhaime is a Certified Health Coach through the National Society of Health Coaches. She’s been the Vitalize 360 Coach at Kendal at Hanover since 2015. Prior to this, Nancy provided health coaching to Dartmouth College employees as part of their wellness program. She can be reached at

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