Three Organizations Launch Vitalize 360

Kavod Senior Life, Chelmsford Housing Authority and Fairport Baptist Homes Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NNORC) officially launched Vitalize 360 in February. We want to especially welcome the following individuals who are responsible for implementing the program in their respective organizations:

  • Mandie Birchem, Director of Health and Wellness and Kasey Kerr, Assisted Living Care Coordinator, Kavod Senior Life

  • Loriann Gatta, Supportive Services Manager and Margaret Leighton, Supportive Services Housing Coordinator, Chelmsford Housing Authority

  • Heide George, Community Care Manager/Mental Health Coordinator and Ellen O’Connor, Director, Community Services, Fairport Baptist Homes NNORC

Vitalize 360 now includes 35 organizations in 13 states. Organizations participating include Life Plan Communities (21), Continuing Care at Home (6), Subsidized Housing (6), and Community-based programs (2).

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